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The "Consiglio di Corso di Studi" - the Board - is composed by all teachers involved in the didactic activities, by student representatives enrolled at the MD in Medicine and Surgery and by representatives of administrative and techical staff of the Department, elected according to University rules and regulations.

The Board:

a) plans and coordinates the didactic activities required to obtain the degree, and other activities provided for by University and Department's rules and regulations.

b) adopts and applies the University criteria to guarantee the Quality of the Course of Studies; carries out the annual "Riesame" (evaluation) and acknowledges possible suggestions and comments resulting from the triennal evaluation. In case two consecutive triennal evaluations turn out to be insufficient, the Course of Studies will be closed.

c) proposes its formative offer to the involved Boards of Departments.

d) proposes amendements to the didactic regulation to the members of the Departments.

e) carries out every other assignment delegated by the Departments or assigned by the Statute or regulations.



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