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About us

The new complex of classrooms and facilities for medical students, and the Scientific Research Institute of Cavalieri Ottolenghi Foundation, are placed at San Luigi Gonzaga University Hospital in the Gonzole section of Orbassano, near Turin. The buildings for teaching and research each have their own personality. Juxtaposed to the hospital complex, the buildings create “a dialogue between different forms to mark different vocations and destinations”.

The teaching building rises around a central structure with a large, two-storey circular room covered by a conical dome.This is the hub, and a light source, for the entire building. The ground floor is for classrooms, and the first floor is for applied teaching, self-study, computing, and quiet space for relaxation and contemplation. The result is meant to be a place for attentive teaching and learning during a long day of work-study, in a highly independent unit closely connected to the hospital, the current or future theatre of students’ work.

From the first floor of the teaching building, a walkway bridge, passing over a  road, leads to the Institute of Cavalieri Ottolenghi Foundation, an outstanding neuroscience research centre.

To encourage self-study, the classrooms are open from 8 AM to 11 PM. Students can also meet, relax, and work in outdoor areas, as well as soccer pitches and tennis courts.. This campus-style layout promotes not only friendly study, but also strong and close relationships with professors.

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