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The Students Registry Office deals with:

  • enrollments in long-cycle master's degree and post-graduate school ("Scuola di Specializzazione");
  • transfers from one course to another within the University;
  • transfers to and from another University;
  • questions about freezing career for childbirth, for reasons of study and serious illness;
  • graduation applications;
  • applications for interruption of studies;
  • applications for reimbursement of taxes (only cases covered by the new provisions);
  • resignation requests for temporary interruption;
  • requests submitted by the student in various respects (request for late registration, modification of the Career Plan beyond the terms, etc.);
  • issue of certificates and duplicates;
  • issue of degree certificates.


Ms. Consolatrice MURTAS Massimo d'Azeglio, 60 - 10126 Torino

Phone: (+39) 011/6709900

Fax: (+39) 011/6705678

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