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Why Study Medicine and Surgery

The MD programme in Medicine and Surgery of University of Turin is entirely taught in English, and takes place in the teaching facilities at San Luigi Gonzaga University Hospital, which allows easy integration of students into the clinical areas through a campus-type environment.

The study program includes the early combination of basic scientific and clinical curricula, with interactive teaching methods.

Curricula include specific educational goals for students interested particularly in scientific research and cooperation.

The close proximity of teaching, research, and hospital facilities promotes contact between students and faculty, integrated courses, and situational instruction.

The Erasmus Plus Programme, and other forms of foreign cooperation, complete  training.

The programme promotes the acquisition of new skills useful in an increasingly globalised labour market.

An MD-PhD program gives students strong scientific training amidst this international collaboration and intense research environment.

Collaboration with non-profit organizations engaged in humanitarian missions in Italy and abroad offers motivated students the opportunity, early in their training, to understand and work in the global health arena..

The degree course, lasts six years and is organized into 12 semesters, interspersed with time windows for examinations.

The overall organization of the degree program is intended to stimulate and reward the most deserving students, and to support students in difficulty with mentoring..

These services to students promote their integration into the course, and assist them in carrying out administrative procedures, with attention to the needs of foreign students.

The state authority which guarantees the right to study, together with the university, supports students with scholarships and other forms of funding.


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