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Our students will put on their white coat very early in their career, during the first year of the course. This will increase their ability to interact with colleagues and patients. Empathy is the key to good quality healthcare and patient satisfaction; in our international medical school, students will follow courses, such as Introduction to Medicine, designed to refine their personal predispositions in interacting with patients, nurses, and doctors in an appropriate manner.  Our international medical school aims to provide students with a wide basis for further learning and skill development.

Studying medicine means continuing to update knowledge. Nowadays, this update occurs in international environments. Our students will be in contact with high quality research in biomedicine in order to develop their skills in clinical medicine, sciences, and collaboration.


The mission of this long-cycle Master Degree is the education of medical doctors at professional level. Medical doctors will have a strong biomedical-psyco-social culture, an integrated and multidisciplinary vision over the most common issues about health and diseases with an education oriented towards the community, the territory, the primary prevention of diseases and the promotion of health. This mission adequately responds to the new demands for care and health, as it is both disease-centered and, mostly, patient-centered,  considering the patient as a whole, soma and psyke, in their social context.

This medical education must be only the first step of a life-long learning experience; it aims to provide the student with basic and advanced knowledges, allowing them to develop self-learning skills necessary for their future career. Ponderate importance will be given to self-learning, experiences in hospitals and on the territory and epidemiology; the major goal is the development of clinical-thinking processes and the promotion of the culture of prevention.


Professional sources of employment are those implying working at institutions, and public and private "aziende sanitaria", "presidi sanitari territoriali" and private medical practices.



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