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Practical training in semeiotics for Year 3 students at the Centre for Advanced Medical Simulation

Published: Friday, October 8, 2021 by Prof. Piero Paccotti

The practical training in semeiotics (part of the Clinical Methodology and Semeiotics course) for year 3 students will take place in the Centre for Advanced Medical Simulation.

As mock medical examinations will be carried out in pairs, each group will have an even number of students. Students will thus be divided into 8 groups of 12 students each. Where possible, groups will have an even distribution of men and women. Each group will carry out their training for 4 days (Monday to Thursday, typically). The first group will start on Oct 18th, 9.00-13.00. The last group will start by the second week of December.

The training plan is as follows:

  • Day 1, Internal Medicine patients: vital parameters, blood pressure, arterial pulses, simple scenarios.
  • Day 2, Pneumology residents: physical examination of chest and lungs, arterial sampling, simple scenarios.
  • Day 3, Cardiology residents (with a cardiologist): physical examination of the heart, ECG reading and interpretation.
  • Day 4 (with Prof. Mao and Surgeons): physical examination of the abdomen. Observation of patients in the Surgery ward (a white coat is needed in this case).

The training is preparatory to the actual medical clerkship. It is recommended that the students start the clerkship after (rather than before) the training. The attendance register will be taken, but no penalty will be applied in case of absence.

The training will be in English. Italian specialized words will also be taught. Please bring your own stethoscope with you, if possible.  

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