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Adopted by law in 2013 (D.M. 47 of 30 January 2013), the AVA (acronym of “Autovalutazione, Valutazione e Accreditamento” – Self-evaluation, Assessment and Accreditation) is an integrated system designed to internally assess the quality of the degree programmes, departments and University as a whole.
Self-evaluation, together with the use of clear and objective external assessment procedures, aims at continuously improving the quality of our teaching and research.

The Quality Control System is a set of processes adopted by the University of Turin to guarantee the high standard of its degree programmes.
In line with the actions taken to guarantee the quality of teaching and its facilities, the University of Turin is committed to constantly improving the engagement between students and the job market.

The Quality Control processes implemented in the Master’s Degree programme in Medicine and Surgery are:

  • The Single Annual Datasheet of the Study Course (SUA CdS) is a tool used to plan, assess and review the degree programme. It gathers useful information for both students and stakeholders.
  • The Annual Monitoring is a set of indicators about student progression, how graduates do in the job market and the how many international people are in University, in order to offer a comparison of the degree programme to the national average. Monitoring is conducted annually by the Monitoring and Review Committee of the degree programme, which is composed of teaching staff and students.
  • The Periodical Review Report is an in-depth self-assessment of the overall progress of the degree programme. Specifically, it takes care of developing strategies for improvement, outlining the distribution of tasks and scheduling interventions. The Periodical Review is carried out by the Monitoring and Review Commission.
  • The Annual Report by the Student-Staff Committee, which is made up of an equal number of students and teaching staff members, perform anannual check of the courses available, assess the quality of teaching and student services, evaluate whether the goals set for the degree programme have been achieved and suggest improvements.

Students are invited to actively engage with the work of the Monitoring and Review Committee of our degree programme. As well as by being represented in the committee, students can also take part to open meetings, career guidance events, tutorials, etc. Students are also invited to regularly consult the webpages of their own degree programme to keep abreast of news and developments.

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