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University life at Medicine and Surgery takes place in a campus-like environment with a strong integratation among support, education and research. A wide network of structures (that includes university structures, hospitals, emergency departments, ASL (Local Health Public Utilities) districts, general medical practitioners and, to a lesser extent, pediatricians) makes clerkships a highly important and instructive part of the curriculum. Almost one sixth of the ECTS dedicated to clerkships are to be obtained through professional activities on the territory; an interprofessional clerkship is scheduled for first year-students.

The proximity of educational and hospital facilities simplifies contacts between students and teaching staff, the implemetation of integrated courses and an early development of a patient-physician relationship through interprofessional clerkships during the first year. In this clerkships, third-year nursing students will tutor medical students promoting the development of interprofessional collaboration and team-work. Some of the clinical ECTS are anticipated to the first years, while some of the pre-clinical ECTS are postponed to the III-IV-V years. The "Dorsale Clinica" is a set of lessons designed to discuss clinical cases with course coordinators; each year from the II to the V includes a "Dorsale Clinica", which will be focused on the topics of the courses held during the specific year. The presence and accessibility of various qualified research groups allows a high integration between didactics and research. Services for students, which include the Erasmus + Program, the Erasmus Placement Program, and the Job Placement, expand the opportunities for discussion, acquisition of new skills and methods, and for a direct first contact with the labour market. 

The approval of this innovations is confirmed by the report ALMALAUREA 2014: 80.2% of our students would re-enroll at this same master degree, confirming the trend of the past 8 years which shows our MD to be at the first-second place in the national ranking of graduates' preferences. 

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