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Clerkships in non-affiliated Hospitals or Clinics 

  • Students may now use up to 5 credits (5 CFU, equivalent to 100 hours) in Clerkship on Medical/Surgical Specialities (not mandatory clerkships - SCB0268 - SCB0269 - SCB0270 - SCB0271 - SCB0272 - SCB0273 - SCB0274 - SCB0275 - SCB0276 - SCB0277) done in hospitals or clinics that are not affiliated with our degree programme, in Italy or abroad.
  • Activities in hospitals or clinics not affiliated (and also in a General Physician's office) can be validated as elective Public Health Clerkships (not Public Health1, 3 and 4), up to 5 credits.


In order to have these clerkships validated, you will have to:

  1. Choose a hosting organization and ask them to appoint a personal tutor.
  2. Write a request complete with the list of activities you will carry out signed by your personal tutor. In your request you must also identify a Medicine and Surgery staff member expert in the field chosen for your clerkship, who will assess the quality of your activities.
    Your request must be sent to:
    You may start your clerkship as soon as you have received the authorization to proceed.
  3. When your clerkship is over, you will have to send in:
    1. A scan of the clerkship page on your student’s record book (“libretto”). Please add this statement:
      “il presente tirocinio è stato svolto in struttura non Convenzionata presso… [insert where you have done your clerkship]”
    2. A register of hours and activities signed by the personal tutor appointed by the hosting organization.

Please send these documents to

the following will not be considered:



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