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Learning Italian


English and Italian Medical language, the main course of the first-year degree programme in Medicine and Surgery, is designed to enhance the language skills of the first-year students in both Italian and English.

Furthermore, the degree programme also offers two Italian-language courses as elective activities (ADE) for non-native Italian speaking students. Tailored specifically for first-year medical students (ADE AB/A1 lower), as well as second-year students (A1 upper/A2) they are highly recommended in order to improve communication in Italian.  

Linguistic proficiency in Italian is, of course, a MUST for students who need to be equipped with linguistic skills both on a personal and professional level, above all for their future clerkship in Italian hospitals. Besides, good communication is fundamental for a successful clerkship, socialisation and integration. Therefore, the ADE courses aim to empower the students with the basic Italian language skills required to interact effectively with patients, colleagues and hospital staff.

A questionnaire on the Moodle ADE will assess the level of Italian, whereby the students can enrol in the following courses:

For information on the University's initiatives regarding the study of Italian, consult the dedicated pages:

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