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The Medicine and Surgery course provides its students with access to a dedicated Moodle platform, for consulting study materials and studying in e-learning mode

Log in to the Moodle School of Medicine platform with your University credentials to see all the courses provided in e-learning mode and download the teaching materials of the Medicine and Surgery Study Course.


Log in with your credentials to consult the courses uploaded to the i-learn platform


The degree course in Medicine and Surgery has also established the Videolibrary Project, which provides for the creation of videos and multimedia training contents on medical practices, both in the ward and in the Simulation Center, helping to make the training offer more suitable for a constantly changing context. evolution, with particular attention to Lifelong Learning and professional reskilling.
The project, due to its importance for the Department of Clinical and Biological Sciences, is also one of the Departmental Objectives for the three-year period 2022-2024 (Objective n.7).

The expansion of a virtual library is also configured as an expression of the themes developed by the University Strategic Plan 2021-2026, with particular attention to inclusiveness (Objective 1.2), digitization (Objective 2.2) and training (Objective 3.2).

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