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Admission Requirements

If you wish to apply to the English-taught degree programme in Medicine and Surgery, an Italian secondary school diploma or equivalent foreign degree is required.
The number of places available for the first year of the course is established by law.

Admission is subordinate to some preliminary knowledge. It is mandatory to pass an international competitive exam (known as IMATInternational Medical Admission Test), whose specifics are defined by the Italian Ministry of Education, University, and Research (MIUR).
The test takes place simultaneously in all Italian universities that offer an English-taught degree programme in Medicine and Surgery, as well as in testing sites around the world.
Students admitted to the degree in Medicine and Surgery must also demonstrate knowledge of English at level B2 or above.

The National Access Program to Medicine and Surgery also details the minimum admissibility requirements for the subjects indicated annually in a ministerial notice. Students admitted to the degree programme whose scores in Physics & Biology are 25% lower than the highest score are understood to have additional learning obligations (“ALO”) which must be met. Said students will be required to complete a study supplement, as detailed in the Degree Programme Regulations.
The deadline for enrolling in the first year of the Medicine and Surgery degree programme is established by a ministerial decree every year.

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