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Autonomy, communication skills, learning ability


Graduates in Medicine and Surgery will: 

  • Have acquired the ability to integrate knowledge and handle complexity, and formulate judgements based on incomplete or limited information, that include reflecting on social and ethical responsibilities linked to the application of their knowledge and judgements 
  • Demonstrate independence of critical judgement, constructive skepticism, discernment, and responsibility 
  • Identify, formulate, and solve the patient's problems using thought and scientific research based on information obtained and correlated from multiple sources 
  • Be aware of the role that complexity, uncertainty, and probability have in decisions taken during the medical practice 
  • Respect the professional values, which include excellence, altruism, responsibility, compassion, empathy, trust, honesty, and integrity, following the scientific method 
  • Recognize that good medical practice depends strictly on the interaction and good relations between doctor, patient, and family, to preserve well-being, cultural diversity and autonomy of the patient 

These broad-based skills will be developed through discussions of cases, work in simulated and clinical situations, work in teams at the bedside, and during final work for the thesis. 

Communication skills 

Graduates in Medicine and Surgery will:

  • Know how to communicate with patients and their families, enabling them to share decisions as equal partners 
  • Demonstrate sensitivity to cultural and personal factors, including gender issues, that improve interactions with patients, family members, and the community
  • Demonstrate ability to properly collect an adequate medical history by carefully listening and understanding, in order to extract and synthesise relevant information
  • Know how to create and maintain good medical records 
  • Demonstrate ability to collect, analyze, and report clinical and research data 
  • Summarise and report information suitable to audience needs, and discuss achievable and acceptable plans of action that represent priorities for the individual and for the community
  • Implement ethical and deontological principles in the treatment of patient data, avoiding plagiarism and respecting privacy and intellectual property
  • Respect colleagues and other healthcare professionals, demonstrating the ability to establish efficient working relationships with them 
  • Efficiently communicate with colleagues, the community, other sectors, and the media 

These skills will be: 

  • Developed through a course in Communication and Relationship in Medicine (communication skills), in which attention will be paid to intercultural aspects (cross-cultural education)
  • Reinforced by discussion of case reports in a group, simulation teaching, and internships at the bedside and in final work forthe thesis 

Learning ability 

Graduates in Medicine and Surgery will have developed the learning skills that enable them to continue studying mostly in a self-directed or autonomous manner. 

They must therefore be able to: 

  • Collect, organize, and interpret correctly the biomedical and health information from different available resources and databases
  • Know how to find and interpret scientific literature for understanding and solving problems
  • Gather specific information on the patient from management systems of clinical data
  • Use the information and communications technology as a valuable support to diagnostic, therapeutic, and preventive practices, and surveillance and monitoring of health status
  • Understand applications and limitations of information technology
  • Manage a good archive of their own medical practice, for subsequent analysis and improvement
  • Engage in continuous professional improvement,aware of their own limits, including those of their own medical knowledge

These capabilities will be achieved through constructivist pedagogy, enhancement of open source and open access resources, and networking.

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