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Integrated Approach to Problem Solving in Medicine and EBM (5th year)


Integrated Approach to Problem Solving in Medicine and EBM (5th year)


Academic year 2022/2023

Course ID
Prof.ssa Elisabetta Versino (Coordinator)
5th year
Teaching period
Second semester
Course disciplinary sector (SSD)
MED/42 - hygiene and public health
Formal authority
Type of examination
Written and oral

Sommario del corso


Course objectives

  • use key sources of health data
  • search the biomedical databases for primary and secondary studies useful to answer a clinical question
  • select, evaluate and synthesize the evidence found
  • discuss the practical feasibility of the solutions proposed in the reference context and draw the relevant clinical conclusions suggesting appropriate treatment and assistance pathways

Results of learning outcomes

  • knowledge of the principles of EBM
  • knowledge of the main sites and institutions active in the production of health and scientific data
  • ability to consult sources of health and scientific data
  • ability to process search strings
  • ability to read and evaluate the Guidelines by discussing the feasibility of individual recommendations for clinical decision making
  • ability to select and evaluate the material useful for the solution of a clinical question
  • ability to synthesize the evidence produced by a research study
  • ability to suggest treatment paths in the NHS


  • Introduction to EBM: Necessity, Clinical Practice
  • Presentation of the dorsale and workgroups
  • Data sources for EBM practice
  • Epidemiological study designs for original articles
  • Exercise on seraching for systematic reviews and guidelines in the main databases and selection of the most relevant materials in order to solve the case
  • Quality assessment of scientific literature
  • Group meetings with clinical tutors
  • Group meetings with methodological tutor Elisabetta Versino
  • Presentation and discussion of cases in plenary

Course delivery

Key concepts and methods of EBM are presented and discussed in formal teaching sessions held by the methodological tutor Elisabetta Versino and an expert librarian.

Clinical cases are presented in the first session and students choose a clinical case to be solved in a group of 6-8 students

Workgroups meet the librarian, clinical and methological tutor each time it is neccessary (email contact)

Workgroups present their work orally through a ppt presentation and then submit a written paper to the clinical methodological tutor.

Deadlines will be  defined during the first lesson


Learning assessment methods

  • Group paper (maximum value 22/30)
  • Written test with open questions on skills and reasoning (maximum value 10/10, duration 45 minutes):
    definition of research questions through PICO;
    interpretation of search strings;
    interpretation of epidemiological and statistical measures;
    the results, the criticalities, the care pathways identified in the group work.

Support activities

  • Meetings of the working groups with the course coordinator and with the clinical tutors.
  • Meetings of the working groups with experts (librarians) of bibliographic research.

Suggested readings and bibliography

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